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Clairvoyance Cyber Corp

Clairvoyance Cyber Corp is recognized as a leading think tank on cyber, defence, security, privacy and intelligence futures. Our Canadian team conducts deep research, strategic foresighting and applied innovation.

"Defending forward in time."


We deliver contextualized narratives and actionable future insights in a World described by data.

Clairvoyance Cyber Corp engages in interdisciplinary thinking, strategic listening, over-the-horizon technology forecasting and the incubation of advanced ideas and solutions. We apply advanced data science, anticipatory intelligence and creativity towards solving tomorrow’s challenging and complex poly-disciplined problems. We architect and orchestrate cyber defence programs on behalf of critical infrastructures, large enterprises and nations.


Our team delivers complex systems-of-systems engineering experience, trusted partnerships, thought-leadership and applied innovation, reinforcing the capacity to plan, build, deploy and operate multi-year programmes of strategic national significance, global scope and scale.


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Advanced Research


Clairvoyance Cyber Corp brings sense to the cyber domain. As a national think-tank, we work at the nexus of cyber and real world to provide situational understanding, critical insight, contextual narrative, precision, digital acuity and fidelity onto complex issues affecting global security, privacy, defence, critical infrastructures and big-business. We are the leading edge of cyber research, engineering science and technology by tackling complex problems and advanced threats in the Internet-of-Everything. Our centre-of-excellence is armed by a deep network of subject-matter-experts who are actively engaged in solving wicked problems without precedence.

Strategic Innovation


Clairvoyance Cyber Corp provides foresighting, thought-leadership, contextualization and evidence-based decision support to applied research. Our experienced architects are at the centre of highly-sophisticated cyber programs.

Strategic Planning


We provide experienced visionaries, creative thinkers, influential collaborators, domain experts and executive leaders to build strategic business strategy for sophisticated organizations. We create synergies and efficiencies that are only generated through formal planning processes, business transformation and building control mechanisms for aligning the implementation of sustained global strategic initiatives.  The principals of Clairvoyance Cyber Corp have led multi-organization and national initiatives. 

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Cyber Intelligence


Cyber Intelligence provides strategic listening to enable, secure, and sense-making in the Internet-of-Everything.  It provides enhanced all-domain situational understanding, time, precision and mission confidence though a keen awareness of both adversary dynamics and your attack surface, thus facilitating anticipatory threat reduction, the ability to mount an effective defence against the most aggressive and sophisticated threats or navigate a highly competitive business environment. 

"Intelligence made brilliant."

Critical Infrastructure Protection


We are entering a period of instability, rapid convergence and risk within a complex adaptive system where social media provides a frictionless state between the Human terrain, the Network and the Internet-of-Things (IoT), evolving to the Internet-of-Everything (IoE).  Where, a thought, communicated by disruptive technology, has enabled open-empowerment of global commons and precipitated the collapse of nations.


As leaders in national critical infrastructure protection science and engineering in Canada, we have been on the front lines in the defence of critical national information infrastructures and the Internet of Everything (IoE). 

Cyber defence      


Proactive cyber defence, deception an deterrence provides time, precision and actionable insights onto a contested environment.

The importance of persistent engagement at its core is to preserve our advantages and defend the interests of all Canadian's Rights and Freedoms in, through and from cyberspace by contesting adversaries’ malicious cyber activity during day-to-day competition. Strategic advantage is achieved through operations that hunt bad acts, close the attribute chain, defend forward, contest and counter the privacy and security threats to Canadian's in real-time.


Foundational informationalized warfare research and capability development


Information warfare (IW) effectively manages information and communication technology (ICT) in pursuit of a competitive advantage over an opponent.


We conduct applied research into the nature of cyberwarfare and support the development of fundamental strategies needed to dominate the cyber battlespace.


We provide strategic understanding, planning, and deployment of pre-emptive proactive cyber operations in real-time, at large-scale, dynamic and into highly-contested environments. 

Strategic Deterrence


Deterrence is based upon a credible proactive defence in which to project power, security and to exert influence globally through Cyberspace in the defence of the nation. Furthermore, deterrence and diplomacy are required in the right dosage to dissuade and deter purposeful interference with our critical infrastructures by foreign states. 

Countering Influence, Interference and Mis-information 


The challenge of strategic mis-information, foreign interference, social engineering and Cyber Physiological Operations (CyOp)  requires Information Peace Keeping and Counter-Influence Activities to leverage the global information grid and its content, to act with effect within new social networks, political spaces and to safeguard truth systems according to Canadian values and norms of behaviour.


Where cyber influence acts on the human terrain, information warfare is about destroying knowledge and truth, or hacking networks, ‘wetware’ and belief systems. The prime objective of information peacekeeping is to help us understand the processes that validate what is ultimately trustworthy knowledge and to engineering countermeasures that counter radicalization and foreign influence in the democratic process.


Cyber is the modern-day battleground of ideas and influence and likely the greatest challenge of our age.


The Internet-of-Everything


Nowadays, nearly all cyber compromises are socially engineered or originate from human error. The largest magnitude of “denial of service” attacks comes from the Internet-of-Things. Cyber is the nervous system that binds all critical infrastructures, can influence populations and interfere with the democratic process.


Organizations will need to fundamentally rethink doctrine, policy and organizational models. It requires an agile capability to defend and deter an adversary across social, cyber, physical and human networks. As a defender, the next attack will come at you sideways, from outside your domain, and for this, we need a winning strategy. We are living in a converged World, requiring integrated solutions. 

Strategic foresighting of cyberspace can provide your organization critical insight of future threats and opportunities.



Ottawa, Ontario


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